History movies will never lose their relevance, for there can be little more interesting than watching how people lived several centuries ago. Viewers who like this genre enjoy their pleasure while admiring costumes that were once fashionable, paying attention to morals, which few people today remember. Historical films are often created with an admixture of other genres, often such tapes have elements of thriller, drama and even comedy, it all depends on the vision of past events of one or another director.

Yet most of these paintings have a biographical background, when viewers are given the opportunity to look at a real person who lived in the past, but even such movies, which do not embellish reality a little, are much more interesting than reading books about historical figures.

Many directors give preference to military themes, for example, they make films about the life of the Vikings or create movies about the Romans and the ancient Greeks, emphasizing the battles. Naturally, in order to show the battle, you have to attract a huge amount of actors from the crowd, as well as spend a lot of money on computer graphics, which should not distract viewers from the main storyline and be very realistic. That is why the paintings of this genre - an expensive pleasure.

It seems to some viewers that history movies are of the same type, because they demonstrate that people of the past, although they lived differently, also loved and hated, grieved and rejoiced, so they don’t want to download one of them for free. But if you look at a high quality movie, you can pay attention to the huge number of significant differences from how people live nowadays, which makes this genre unique. In a short time, an attentive viewer may feel that he is in the company of people of the past, that is, he will plunge into the events shown, and he will not be able to forget the experiences he has had.

We tried to collect into the collection not only historical films of venerable directors who involved popular actors in the shooting, thanks to which their films became classics of this genre, but also added lesser-known but high-quality tapes to the list of best movies. That is why we are sure that even the most demanding viewer will find a movie to his liking. To do this, go to the section with historical films and make a choice in favor of one of them. If you can not choose a movie, pay attention to the rating, which was compiled by the audience, and you can also read reviews to finally decide whether you should spend your time watching this particular film.

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