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It's nice, sometimes it happens to review a good old movie, right? But it is much more pleasant to download new movies, with a completely unexpected storyline, revolutionary computer special effects, fresh directing decisions, an unforgettable acting game. And such a pleasure for every visitor to the MoviesTorrents film portal will be easily presented by the films of 2018, presented here in its full list for every true connoisseur of the magical world of cinematography.

In addition to its obvious novelty, the films of 2018 prepared the audience a few expected, but from this no less pleasant surprises, among which perhaps the most important will be the continuation of the old paintings. It is always extremely painful to wait for the second (or third, or even the fifth) part of the beloved story, because it is well known that there is nothing worse than expecting or catching up. The year 2018 has prepared an impressive number of continuations of such franchises, such as Star Wars, Avengers, and so on, which is already a good reason to regularly inspect this section of the kinocong.

The second gift to movie lovers, movies in 2018 will present stories completely new. The original storylines, famously twisted by talented writers, will give moviegoers a lot of hours of exciting experiences and simply unforgettable pleasure from watching fresh movies. Perhaps not all the premieres will become Oscar-worthy masterpieces, but the fact that 2018 will fill up someone's collection of your favorite motion pictures is undoubtedly and indisputable!

We should not forget about such advantages of the presented films, as special effects and new actors. Films of 2018 will no doubt surprise viewers with the latest achievements of computer graphics, which have reached new levels of realism, as well as acquaint with those actors who are just starting their journey this year, and who still have to conquer the Hollywood Olympus or become someone's idol.

The world of cinema is constantly evolving, enriched by unexpected premieres claiming to become a classic of cinema, new directing names that amaze with the boldness of their creations, and bright acting talents that uncover the unknown facets of stage transformation. Movies 2018 appear on moviestorrents literally on the day of their official release, which means there is no better way to stay up to date with current events in the world of cinema than to become a regular visitor to this wonderful site.